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CIMA F3 Financial Strategy - Free Exam Resource Page


One of the key benefits of having access to the Internet is the amount of free material and resources available to everyone during their studies.

In order to help you out, we've compiled a great selection of useful resources from all over the Internet to help you to prepare for the CIMA Strategic F3 exam.

If you are after more great quality free resources, go to and sign up for free access to CIMA Study Texts, Practice Questions and a Mini Mock Exam for the CIMA F3 exam.

CIMA F3 Syllabus Topic - Formulation of Financial Strategy

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 25%

Free CIMA Strategic Study Text

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Additional benefits include:

Sustainability and Integrated Reporting:

CIMA F3 Sustainability and Integrated Reporting

An article from KPMG regarding Sustainability and Integrated Reporting addressing many questions such as What are key reasons to report , What is Integrated Reporting – and what isn’t? etc, it’s a more comprehensive document covering all aspects and practical application.

Dividend Policy:

CIMA F3 Dividend Policy

Explains Dividend Policy and its relationship with investors and choices for businesses in terms of dividends. It also includes dividend irrelevancy theory regarding share price performance. This is a good article that covers the basics required for the CIMA F3 exams.

Financial Ratios:

CIMA F3 Financial Ratios

Explains financial ratios clearly then categorises them. This article demonstrates how to use these financial ratios and their interpretation.

A very useful to help with your understanding of Financial Strategy.

Cashflow Forecasting:

CIMA E3 Boston Consulting Matrix

Cash Flow forecasting in a nutshell'. Expert Adrian Hemmings explains how cash flow forecasting works, what is important and what not to forget in this short video.

An easy to view tool to support your CIMA F3 revision.

*These links are to the CIMA website which will require you to log-in using your CIMA Connect details.

Formulation of Financial Strategy

Financing and Dividend Decisions

Corporate Finance

If you’ve found any other resources yourself why not share them on the discussion board below, students perform at their best when they are all helping each other out!

Other General Help and Advice

Struggling with P3 or F3?

Useful advice written by a CIMA administrator to help support you with your studies.

The Perils of 'Practice Questions'

A blog from a CIMA administrator advicing students to get knowledge of their topics before getting into mock exams.

Approaching objective test questions

Beneficial information on what you can expect and how to approach the objective test questions.

Objective test style and format *

A helpful insight into the different ways the questions will be formatted.

5 tips on how to reduce stress and improve focus

Tips on how to minimize stress and improve focus leading up to your exams.

5 steps to success from CIMA exam prize winners

Some excellent tips on how to pass your CIMA exams.

Top Tips for Revising

An easy blog to read giving helpful advice on how to prepare for CIMA exams.

F3 Technical Articles from CIMA Connect

This is a summary table of key articles from CIMA Connect. You will find these a helpful addition to the Astranti resources above.

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CIMA F3 Syllabus Topic - Financing and Dividend Decisions

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 35%

60 Challenging Objective Test Style Questions in each CIMA Mock exam

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CIMA F3 Over-Trading

An interesting article that describes and defines overtrading, it identifies key symptoms of overtrading using figures to explain the issues.

Equity Finance and Debt Finance

CIMA F3 Equity Finance and Debt Finance

This article defines equity and debt finance. It goes onto the issue of whether a business should use debt or equity to finance its growth plans. It questions how much debt a business can or should have relative to other sources of capital.

Initial Public Offering:

Using an animated example, this video defines and describes Initial Public Offering including the reasons for an IPO and the way in which it can be implemented.

This video is an effective tool for your CIMA F3 revision.

Rights issues:

CIMA F3 Rights Issues

Defines what is a Rights Issue, how they work and the risks of this form of raising finance. This article uses the example of RBS bank in Britain after the 2008 financial crisis as an example of a rights issue.

This article will be useful for your CIMA F3 revision.

Adjusted Present Value:

CIMA F3 Adjusted Present Value

This video describes Adjusted Present Value theory and identifies when this should be used in terms of financial risk and business risk.

A useful revision tool for your understanding of Financing and Dividend Decisions.

Efficient Market Hypothesis:

Describes Efficient Market Hypothesis and identifies where this theory has fallen short in explaining the behaviour of the stock market.

This will be useful for additional reading on this CIMA F3 topic.

Relevant Costing:

CIMA F3 Relevant Costing

Discusses which costs are relevant or irrelevant in the decision making process. This video shows how to evaluate relevant costs (and ignore sunk costs or costs that do not change depending on the decision) using the example of whether to drive a car or take a train from St. Louis to Chicago.

An easy to watch video to support your understanding of Relevant Costing.

Risks of Overseas Investments:

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This page is specifically tailored to those students sitting the E3, F3, P3 and Case Study Exam.

A short interview explaining the importance of country risk analysis in building and monitoring an international business portfolio. This involves the analysis of political, economic and business risks.

Lease vs Buy:

Examines the lease or buy question that is common in making many investment decisions. It demonstrates how to approach this in the context of an examination question.

CIMA F3 Syllabus Topic - Corporate Finance

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 40%

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Company Valuation:

CIMA E3 Lewin's Force Field Analysis

This article explains 3 methods of company valuations in depth with reference to applying these methods.

Defines intangible assets and methods for their evaluation. It gives useful examples throughout of how intangible assets can be measured.

Capital Rationing:

CIMA E3 Culture

Defines capital rationing and identifies the key steps in the capital rationing process in a simple to understand format using figures to help explain.

A great tool to help understand Corporate Finance.

Management Buy-outs:

This article defines and describes a Management Buyout, how to undertake take one successfully, the process for making it happen, and the sources of finance.

This is useful revision material in preparation for your CIMA F3 Objective Test.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

This video defines Mergers and acquisition, the benefits from this strategy, how much money should be paid, and the process for making it happen.

This compliments the Mergers and Acquisitions topic outlined in the Astranti CIMA F3 Study Text.

CIMA F3 Initial Public Offering